Saved By The Spare

A spare tire is an additional wheel and tire that allows you to make a quick roadside repair if one of your primary tires goes flat. You may not believe your vehicle has a spare tire, but it may be hiding somewhere. On the outside, some spare tires are mounted beneath the car's body. However, they are usually installed in the cargo area, beneath the fabric-covered flooring. Check to see if any parts of the cargo compartment or trunk floor can be lifted up to reveal your spare tire.

When driving with a spare tire, there are a few things to keep in mind. Donut-style spares are only rated for short distances and are designed to operate at speeds less than 55 miles per hour in most cases. A donut spare tire is intended to get you to a repair shop where you can patch your tire or replace it. If you are stranded, and need a spare tire change, feel free to call us for Roadside Help. 786-865-4283